The Academic Institute for International Development of Transfusion Medicine is a collaboration between the University of Groningen (RUG), the University Medical Center (UMCG), the Faculty of Economics and Business, and Sanquin Blood Supply. Its main activity is the organization of the Management of Transfusion Medicine programme at the Graduate School of Medical Sciences of the UMCG.
The cooperation started in 2004, when IDTM was set up as a Foundation under Dutch Law and collaborating organizations representation in the board.
The GSMS is responsible for the quality of education according to the RUG rules and regulations. Academic Institute IDTM organizes the programme for students and connects with the international professional field, to identify and contact potential students. It also plays a pivotal role in the acquisition of sponsors for scholarships.

The MTM programme aims for an intake of between 5 and 10 students per year. The students that come from low- and medium income countries often lack sufficient financial sources for tuition fees and travel and residence costs. Therefore, the programme depends on sponsors for scholarships to support the students, who after graduation, will can make a difference in their own environment.

The MTM programme
The Management of Transfusion Medicine (MTM) programme is a result of the WHO
Initiative to improve blood supply organizations globally. It is a unique programme for current and potential leaders of blood banks in medium- and low income countries. The programme is focused on the individual development of students: they have the opportunity to choose their own research subject and are offered a personalized traineeship, which consists of two internships of 6-8 weeks at Sanquin Blood Supply in the Netherlands, combined with tutorial lectures at the University of Groningen.
The first year of the programme consists of distance E-learning, which means that students can follow the courses online from their home country. The second year revolves around the two traineeships, alternated with a period of assignments and data collection in the student’s home country. All supervisors and professors connected to the MTM programme are experts within their field at RUG and Sanquin.

Admission criteria include:
› Academic degree or function at master level
› Experience in the field of transfusion medicine
› Formal support and recommendation from a local blood supply
organization or health institution
› A self-written motivation letter
› Leadership capacity/experience
› A sufficient level of English

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